Please note: The health & safety committee information is now available on the Faculty & Staff Gateway on the Health & safety committees page in the Wellness & safety site.

Under the NB Occupational Health & Safety Act, Mount Allison University must have a joint health and safety committee consisting of equal representation from both the employer and the employees.  The joint health and safety network at Mount Allison is made up of a Health & Safety Steering Committee and three subcommittees.   While each of the subcommittees has separate areas of responsibility, their primary objective is to help make the University a safer place to work.

The three subcommittees are:  

Defibrillator locations
  • Library access services desk
  • Facilities management front desk
  • Fitness centre reception area (Wallace McCain Student Centre)
  • Athletic centre lobby
  • Jennings Dining Hall
  • Flemington (Biology) - ground floor
 First Aid Providers