Our admissions team is here for you every step of the way — starting with your initial contact, right up to your arrival on campus.

If you have any questions, please contact an admissions counsellor responsible for your area (see below). If you are not sure who to ask, send a message to admissions@mta.ca and your e-mail will be directed to the right person.

Registrar's Office
Mount Allison University, 62 York Street 
Sackville, NB  E4L 1E2  
 |  (506) 364-2269

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Admissions counsellors:

Allison Ball, admissions 
Allison Ball, Admissions Counsellor — Campus Liaison
(506) 364-2257 | aball@mta.ca

Areas: campus tours, events, New Brunswick — anglophone students (South West)

Raised on the Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick, Allison Ball ('07) has made Sackville home since the day she moved to campus as a student in 2003. She also worked for the Dean of Science doing summer research, worked at the campus pub, and lived in Hunton House. After graduating with a major in geography, Allison worked for the New Brunswick government for two years, then took an entrepreneurial leave to start her own environmental company. After three years of running her own business, she decided to become part of our dynamic admissions team, helping prospective students learn about all the exciting things Mount Allison has to offer. She'd love to hear from you!

Sarah Chisholm, admissions 
Sarah Chisholm, Admissions Counsellor — Prospect Management
(506) 364-2220 | sarah@mta.ca

Areas: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Sarah Chisholm ('18) came to study Commerce and economics at Mount Allison after transferring in her first year from a large Ontario institution. Outside of her studies, Sarah spent her time at Mount A playing rugby, making new friends and working within various departments of the University. Sarah has found herself a new place to call home at Mount Allison — she loves to share the story of her journey here, her experiences throughout her time as a student and share with students why Mount Allison is a great choice.

Saniya Korhalkar, recruitment and admissions counsellor 
Saniya Korhalkar, Recruitment & Admissions Counsellor
(506) 364-2110 | saniya@mta.ca

Areas: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, India

Saniya came to Mount Allison from Banff, AB and studied commerce, psychology, and international economics and business. During her time at Mount A, Saniya was involved in a broad range of organizations. She was the President of The Quench Inc., a student-run smoothie business, and Mosaic, and was also on the executive teams of the Commerce Society and the 2018 Grad Class. Saniya loves doing pottery and other forms of art, as well as listening to podcasts, and she enjoys a slice of cake on any day! She is always excited to chat about entrepreneurship, getting involved on campus, or the transition to the East Coast life.

Saurabh Kulkarni, recruitment and admissions counsellor 
Saurabh Kulkarni, Recruitment & Admissions Counsellor
(506) 364-2626 | saurabh@mta.ca  

Areas: Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador, NSISP, NBISP, CIS

Saurabh Kulkarni ('18) came to study at Mount Allison as an international student from Aurangabad, India, and graduated with an honours in political science with minors in international politics and sociology. While a student, Saurabh was the President of MOSAIC, a residence assistant in Windsor Hall and the social media intern for the admissions team. After graduating, Saurabh spent 6 months travelling across Canada recruiting students. As a self-declared ambassador of the Maritimes, Saurabh is always happy to talk being successful at MtA, on what makes New Brunswick so special and why Mount Allison prepares you to be a leader in this constantly evolving world!

Mark Lasanowski, recruitement and admissions  

Mark Lasanowski, Recruitment & Admissions Counsellor

Areas: Ontario, Quebec, Latin America, AP

Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Mark Lasanowski ('04) moved over a thousand miles to study commerce, economics, French and Spanish at Mount Allison and this nomad hasn't stopped exploring since, travelling to six continents and over 50 countries. After four jam-packed years at Mount A ― punctuated by extensive involvement with the student union, campus radio CHMA, teaching assistant jobs in French, Spanish and computer science, and a year spent studying abroad in Strasbourg, France ― Mark hit the road, putting his love of the planet and its people to work as a guidance counsellor for university-bound students, writer, disaster relief coordinator and advocate of environmental and mobility issues. Ask Mark how a liberal arts and sciences education can prepare you for anything ― and everything!

Curtis M
Curtis Michaelis, Recruitment & Admissions Co-ordinator
(506) 364-2640
 | curtis@mta.ca   

Areas: USA, Bermuda, Indigenous students, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

Curtis Michaelis ('09) is a proud MtA alumnus with interests in performing arts, athletics, and leadership – whether you're curious about student life, how to get involved to make a difference in your community, how to maximize your scholarship potential, or just want to philosophically discuss the many complexities of our modern world, he always has some helpful information and advice to share!

AC Izzy Spinney 
Izzy Spinney, Admissions Counsellor Student Information Systems
(506) 364-2394 | izzy@mta.ca

Areas: New Brunswick — anglophone students (South East) and francophone students, IB

Izzy Spinney (she/her) (‘19) dedicated her time on campus to pursuing a double degree, studying biochemistry and psychology. She is open to chatting about how a broad liberal arts and science education allowed her to pursue her academic interests in many different fields including immunology, criminality, parasitology, aging, neuroscience, and adolescent development. Izzy also thinks that involvements outside of the classroom are just as important as those inside, and was very committed to volunteer, employment, advocacy, athletic and leadership activities during her time as a student. Feel free to chat with Izzy about inclusivity and diversity on campus, supports and resources available to students, the residence life experience, and how to get the most out of your time in Sackville!

For international students (outside of USA, Latin America, and India)

1-506-364-2640 | international@mta.ca  

Kutay Ulkuer, director of recruitment admissions and awards
Kutay Ulkuer, Director of Recruitment, Admissions & Awards

(506) 364-3294
 | kulkuer@mta.ca

Jane Theriault, admissions 
Jane Theriault, Student Service Co-ordinator Admissions

(506) 364-3290 | jtheriault@mta.ca

suzette kean office coordinator 
Suzette Kean, Office Co-ordinator

(506) 364-2113 | skean@mta.ca