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Pouchot, Pierre. Mémoires sur la

Sulte, Benjamin. Histoire de la ville des

        derniere guerre [1781], 95

        Trois-Rivieres [1870], 105

    Plan du Fort de Niagara

    [Trois Rivieres and area]

    Plan des attaques du Fort Levis


    Carte des frontieres françoises et


        angloises dans le Canada

Thévenot, Melchisedech. Recueil de


        voyages de Mr Thevenot [1681],



Roy, Pierre Georges. La ville de Québec

    Carte de la decouverte fait l'an 1663

        [1930], 101

        dans 1'Amerique septentrionale

    Carte de Québec

    Terre Avstralie decouuert l'an 1644

    Abitation de Qvebecq

    Explication de la carte de la

    Carte de la Nouvelle France

        decouverte de la terre d'Ielmer

    New France, 1763

Thevenot, Melchisédech. Recueil de

    Plan du haut et bas Quebec

        voyages de Mr. Thevenot [1682],

    Plan de Québec


    Quebec, 1700

    Terre Avstralie decouuerte l'an 1644

    Plan des terrains du séminaire et de

    Carte de la decouverte fait l'an 1663

        la frabrique de Québec

        dans 1'Amerique septentrionale

    Plan de la ville de Quebec

    Explication de la carte de la

    Vue de Quebec

        decouverte de la terre d'Ielmer




Achintre, Auguste. L'lle Ste. Helene

    Goderich Upper Canada

        [1876], 113

    Guelf Upper Canada

    Carte de l'Ile Ste Hélène

    Niagara River

Anspach, Lewis Amadeus. A history of

    City of Montreal

        the island of Newfoundland [1819]

    City of Quebec


    Map and elevation of the

    A chart of the island of Newfound-

        Shubenacadie elevation from

        land and the coast of Labrador with

        Halifax Harbour to the Basin of

        part of Greenland


    A chart of the banks of Newfoundland

    Figurative plan of views of the Island

Atkinson, Christopher. A guide to New

        of St Paul

        Brunswick [1843], 118

    Projected plan of four townships for

    Sketch of the River St. John, with

        emigrant settlements

        the contiguous country

Bouchette, Joseph. A topographical


        description of the province of

Beauclerk, Lord Charles. Lithographic

        Lower Canada [1815], 127

        views of military operations [1840]

    Battle of La Fourche or Chateaugay


    Town of William Henry

    Explanatory sketch of Coll. Gore's

    New townships on the Grand or

        operations at St. Denis

        Ottawa River

Borthwick, John. History of Montreal

    Route from Halifax to the River du

        [1897], 124

        Loup on the St. Lawrence

    Plan of Montreal

    Channels from Kingston to Lake

Bosworth, Newton. Hochelaga depicta


        [1839], 125

    York Harbour

    Plan of the town and fortifications of

    Battle of Chrysler's Farm

         Montreal ... . in 1758

Boulton, D'Arcy. Sketch of His

     Plan of the city of Montreal

        Majesty's province [1805], 128

 Bouchette, Joseph. The British

    A map of the province of Upper

        dominions in North America


        [1831], 126

Bourne, George. The picture of Quebec

    Bytown Ottawa River

        [1831], 129

    Plan and elevation of the Union

    City of Quebec

        Bridges near the falls of Chaudiere

Buckingham, James Silk. Canada, Nova

    York Harbour

        Scotia, New Brunswick [1843], 133




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French Influence
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Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier