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    Canada and the other British

Gleason, Thomas Henri. The Quebec

        provinces in North America

        directory of 1822 [1822], 168

Burgoyne, John. A state of the

    City of Quebec

        expedition from Canada [1780], 134

Gray, Hugh. Letters from Canada

    A map of the country in which the

        [1809], 171

        army under Lt. General Burgoyne

    Map of Canada

        acted in the campaign of 1777


    Plan of the action at Huberton


    Position of the detachment . . . at

Haliburton, Thomas. An historical and

       Walmscock near Bennington

        statistical account of Nova-Scotia

    Plan of the encampment and position

        [1829], 175

        of the army . . . at Swords House

    A new map of Nova Scotia

    Plan of the encampment and position

    Plan of the town of Louisbourg

        of the army . . . at Braemus Heights

    Plan of the harbor and fortifications

    Plan of the position . . . at Saratoga

        of Louisbourg

Burn, John. Case of the Right Hon.

    Shubenacadie Canal Line

        Alexander [1833], 135

    Proposed canal from Bay Vert to

    Map of the largest & most valuable

        Cumberland Bason

        portion of the territories in America

    Proposed canal from St. Peters Bay


        to Bras d'Or Lake


Heriot George Travels through the

Canada Company. Lands in Upper

        Canadas [1807], 182

        Canada [1834], 138

    Map of the River St. Lawrence from

    Map of the townships in the province

        its embouchure to its source

        of Upper Canada

Hind, Henry. Explorations in the

Cartwright, George. A Journal of

        interior of the Labrador Peninsula

        transactions and events [1792], 139

        [1863] 184

    The island of Newfoundland

    Map of the River Moisie and

    A chart of part of the coast of

        adjoining country


    Map of the peninsula of Labrador

Carver, Jonathan. Travels through the

 Howley, M. F. Cabot's voyages [1897?],

        interior parts of North-America


        [1778], 140

    [Map showing the routes of Cabot's

    A new map of North America from

        voyages and possible landfalls]

        the latest discoveries

Hunter, William Stewart. Hunter's

    A plan of Captain Carver's travels m

        Eastern Townships scenery [1860],

        the interior parts oŁ North America


Chappell, Edward. Voyage of His

    Map showing the different railways

        Majesty s Ship  Rosamond [1818],

        by which the eastern townships . . .


        may be reached

    Map of Newfoundland and the south

Hunter, William Stewart. Hunter's

        coast of Labrador

        Ottawa scenery [1855], 190


    [Showing Ottawa area and rail

De Roos, Fred. Fitzgera d. Personal

        connections to American centres]

        narrative of travels in the United

Jefferys, Thomas. The natural and civil

        States [1827], 149

        history of the French dominions

    [Niagara River]

        [1760], 197

    [Niagara Falls and vicinity]

    A map of Canada and the north part

De Veaux, Samuel. The falls of Niagara

        of Louisiana with the adjacent

        [1839], 150


        Map of Niagara River

    A plan of the city of Quebec

    Dominion of Canada: a guide book

    Plan of the town and fortifications of

        [1884], 154


    Map of part of the dominion of

    A new map of Nova Scotia and Cape



Dominion of Canada: the Eastern

    A plan of the city and harbour

        Townships [1879], 155

        of Louisburg

    Map of the Eastern Townships

    A plan of the city and fortifications


        of Louisburg


    An authentic plan of the River St.

The Fenian Raid of 1870 [1870], 161


    Plan of the field of action, Trout

    North America from the French to


        Mr. d'Anville



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French Influence
English Influence
Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier