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French Influence
English Influence
Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier
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    Plan of New Orleans

    Attack of the Havanna

    The West Indies

    Plan of the retaking Newfoundland

    The island of Hispanola


    An authentic plan of the town and


        harbour of Cap-Francois

Nettle, George. A practical guide for


    emigrants [1850], 235

    Plan of the town of Basseterre

United States



    Plan of the town and citadel of


        Fort Royal

Pye, Thomas. Canadian scenery: district

    Plan of the town and fort of Grenada

        of Gaspé [1866], 244

    The island and colony of Cayenne

    Map of Gaspe, Magdalen Islands

    Plan of the town of Cayenne and

        Pr. E . Island and part of New

        Fort St. Michel

        Brunswick and Cape Breton


Kalm, Pehr. Travels into North America

The Quebec guide [1844], 245

        [1770-1771], 200

    Plan of the city of Quebec

    A new and accurate map of part of


        North America


Knox, John. An historical journal of the

Report of the commissioners for

        campaigns in North-America

        exploring the Sageunay [1829], 46

    A new and accurate map of the British

    Plan de la riviere du Sageunay, lacs,

        dominions m America

        rivieres et ruisseaux


    Sketch of the river Saguenay and

Lambert, John. Travels through Canada

        Lake St. John

        and the United States [1816], 205

Sandham, Alfred. Ville-Marie, or,

    Map of the British settlements and the

        Sketches of Montreal [1870], 256

        United States of North America

    Plan of the town and fortifications of

    Quebec and its environs with the


        operation of the siege

Simcoe, Elizabeth. The diary of Mrs.

Long, John. Voyages and travels of an

        John Graves Simcoe [1934], 263

        Indian interpreter and trader

    Map of Niagara River

        [1791], 210

        Outline of Govemor Simcoe’s route

    Sketch of the western countries of

        from Niagara to Detroit


    Plan of York Harbour


    Plan showing original Castle Frank


    Montreal east to Point du Lac

Mante, Thomas. The history of the late

    Map or route from Three Rivers to

        war in North-America [1772], 217


    Part of the west coast of the island

Simcoe, John Graves. A journal of the

        of Saunt Lucia

        operations of the Queen's Rangers

    Fort Beau Sejour and the adjacent

        [1787], 264


    Quintin's Bridge

    Lake Ontario to the mouth of the

    Hancock's House

        River St. Lawrence


    [Lake George, N.Y. and vicinity]

    March at Philip's Bridge, North River

    A plan of Fort Edward and its

    Oyster Bay



    Communication between Albany and

    Burrell's Landing



    Attack on Louisbourg


    The attack of Ticonderoga

    Spencer's Landing

    Plan of Fort Pitt or Pittsbourg

Stewart, John. An account of Prince


        Edward lsland [1806], 267

    Attack on Quebec

    Prince Edward Island divided into

    A sketch of the Cherokee country

        counties & parishes

    The River Saint Lawrence from Lake

    Ten days in Quebec [1894?] 271

        Ontario to the island of Montreal

        Cherriers new map of Quebec City

    A plan of the attack upon Fort Levi

Thomson, William. Memoirs of the life

    River St. Lawrence from Montreal

        and gallant exploits of the old

        to the island of St. Barnaby

        highlander [1791], 277

    A view of the coast of Martinico

    A plan of Quebec




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French Influence
English Influence
Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier