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Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier
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    Survey of part of the Whale-fish

    A plan of the port of Hammerfest in



    Port Bowen, re-surveyed A.D. 1825

    A survey of Treurenberg Bay,

    Survey of Neill's Harbour


    Prince Regent's Inlet re-surveyed

    A survey of the principal points on the

Parry, Sir William Edward. Journal of

        northern coast of Spitzbergen

        a Voyage for the discovery of a


        North-west passage [1821], 313

Richardson, Sir John. Arctic searching

    General chart shewing the track of

        expedition [1851], 316

        H. M. ships Hecla & Griper

    British North America

    Chart of the discoveries and route

Ross, Sir John. Narrative of a second

        of His Majesty's ships

        voyage in search of a North-west

    Survey of Port Bowen 1819

        passage [1835], 318

    Survey of Winter Harbour Melville

    Comparative chart of the ancient and modern navigators


    Chart of the discoveries made in

     Chart of a part of the western coast

        the Arctic regions

        of Baffins Bay

    Elizabeth Harbour

    Plan of the inlet called the River

    Chart drawn by the natives


    Plan of Felix Harbour

Parry, Sir William Edward. Narrative of

    Victoria Harbour

        an attempt to reach the North Pole

    [Ground plan of the winter

        [1828], 314





Agassiz, Louis. Lake Superior [1850],

    Map of Canada and part of the


        United States

    Outlines of Lake Superior


Argyll, John Douglas. The Canadian

Elliott, Charles. A Trip to Canada

        North-west [1883], 117

        [1887?] 352

    Map of the dominion of Canada

    Sketch map of the dominion of

Armstrong, Louis. Southern Manitoba

        Canada showing the Canadian

        [1880?], 324

        Pacific Railway

    Southern Manitoba & Turtle


        Mountain country


Farming and ranching in the Canadian

Bompas, William Carpenter. Diocese of

        North-west [1888], 354

        Mackenzie River [1888], 331

    Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway

    A map of Canada in dioceses to

    Manitoba and the Northwest

        illustrate the Diocese of Mackenzie

        Territories of Canada


Fitzgerald, James Edward. An examina­-

British Columbia: its present resources

        tion of the charter and proceedings

    [1893], 332

        of the Hudson's Bay Company

    Sketch map of the southern portion

        [1849], 355

        of British Columbia

    British America to Illustrate the

British Columbia: the pacific province

        charter of the Hudson's Bay

        [1884], 333


    New map of British Columbia


Grant, George. Ocean to ocean [1873],

Canada. Dept. of  Militia and Defence.


        Report upon the suppression of the

    Thunder Bay to Fort Francis

        rebellion [1886], 338

    Fort Francis to Fort Garry

    Map of part of the dominion of

    Fort Garry to Fort Ellice

        Canada illustrating the use of the

    Fort Ellice to South Saskatchewan

        Canadian Pacific Railway in the


        movement of troops

    South Saskatchewan to Fort Pitt


    Fort Pitt to Fort Edmonton

Dominion of Canada: the province of

    Edmonton to Jasper House and

        Manitoba [1879], 154

        Yellow Head Pass




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French Influence
English Influence
Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier