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Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier
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    Yellow Head Pass to Kamloops

    Map of a portion of Rupert's Land

    Kamloops to New Weshninster

Horetzky, Charles. Canada on the

    Straits of Georgia and part of

        Pacific [1874], 378

        Vancouver Island

    Map of British Columbia

    Juan de Fuca Strait to the Pacific

    Approximate secuon between


        Quesnel and Lesser Slave Lake

Great Britain. Colonial Office. Papers

How to get to the Klondyke [1898], 381

        relating to the Red River settlement

    The above map represents the portion

        [1819], 366

        of the water route to the Yukon

    [Western Canada]

    This map is intended to show the . . .

    [Settlement at Red River]

        route from the Atlantic seaboard to

    [Site of affray of 19th June, 1816]

        the Yukon gold mines


L'lnsurrection du Nord-ouest 1885

Halkett, John. Statement respecting the

        [1885] 383

        Earl of Selkirk's settlement [1817],

    Fort Pitt


    Carte officielle du theatre de

    Sketch of part of the Hudson's Bay


        Company's territory

    Fort du Chevreuil

Halkett, John. Statement respecting the

    Fort Ethier

        Earl of Selkirk's settlement [1817],




    Sketch of part of the Hudsons Bay

Kane, Paul. Wanderings of an artist

        Company's territory

        [1859], 384

Hall Edward. Lands of plenty in the

    Map to illustrate Mr. Kane's travels

        new north-west [1880], 371

        in the terntory of the Hudson's


        Bay Company

    Map of the dominion of Canada               


Hanmon, Daniel Williams. A journal of


        Voyages and travels [1820], 374

Lees, James. B.C. 1887 [1888], 390

    Map of the interior of North America

    The south-eastern portion of British

Hind, Henry. Narrative of the Canadian


        Red River exploring expedition


        [1860], 376

McDonald Archibald. Peace River

    Map to illustrate a Narrative of the

        [1872]; 392

        Canadian Red River Exploring

    Briush North America


MacDonell, Alexander. A narrative of

    Plan of Selkirk Settlement

        transactions in the Red River

    Plan of the fishing lakes, Qu'Appelle

        country [1819], 394


    A map of part of the Indian territories

    Plan shewing; the junction of the

        in North America

        Qu'Appelle Valley with the

Macdougall's guide to Manitoba


        [1880], 396

    Plan shewing the Grand Rapid of the

    The most direct route from Liverpool


        to the great northwest

    Map of the country from Lake

    Map of part of Manitoba and the

        Superior to the Pacific Ocean

        north west territory

    Geological map of a part of Rupert's

Macdougall's illustrated guide [1882],



    Profile of Kaministiquia route

    Map of a portion of the province of

    Profile of country along the dotted


        line A.B. on geological map

Mackenzie, Sir Alexander. Voyages from

    Profile of Qu'Appelle Valley

        Montreal [1801], 400

    Profile of Pigeon-River route

    A map of America between Latitudes

Hind, Henry. North-west territory

        40 and 70 North

        [1859], 377

    A map of Mackenzie track from Fort

    Track survey of the Saskatchewan

        Chipewyan to the North Sea

        between Cedar Lake & Lake

    A map of Mackenzie's track from Fort


        Chipewyan to the Pacific Ocean

    Track survey of the Qu'Appelle

Martin, Robert. The Hudson's Bay

        Valley from Sand Hill Lake

        territories and Vancouver s Island


        [1849], 403

    Geological map of a portion of

    Map of the British possessions in

        Rupert's Land

        North America




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French Influence
English Influence
Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier