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French Influence
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Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier
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Masson, Louis. Les bourgeois de la

    Sketch of the lower portion of White

        Compagnie du Nord-Ouest

        Fish River

        [1889-90], 404

    [Unidentified lake, showing camp of

    Map of the Northwest Territories

        28th June, 1857]

Meares, John. Voyages made in the

    [Showing route Lake Superior to

        years 1788 and 1789 [1790], 405

        Rainy Lake]

    A chart of the northern Pacific Ocean,

    [Showing route Rainy Lake to Fort

        containing the N.E. coast of Asia &


        N.W. coast of America

    Shewing the structure of the

    Chart of the N.W. coast of America &

        Kakabeka Falls

        N.E. coast of Asia

    So. branch of R. Saskatchewan

    Sketch of Friendly Cove in Nootka

    Map of Winnipeg Lake Basin


Pike, Warburton. Through the

    A sketch of Port Cox in the district of

        Subarctic forest [1896], 415


    Map of the Pelly Lakes and

    A plan of Port Effingham in Berkley's

        surrounding districts


    Map of Alaska

    A view of Otter Sound

Portlock, Nathaniel. A voyage round the

    A plan of Sea Otter Harbour and St.

        world [1789], 416

        Patrick's Bay

    A chart of the north west coast of

    A view of Port Meares


    A sketch of Raft-Cove

    Plan of Graham's harbour and Coal



A new route from Europe to the interior

    Sketch of McLeod's Harbour

        of North America [1881], 408

    Sketch of part of the west side of


        Montagu Island

    Map of the dominion of Canada               


    A sketch of Port Etches

Nicolay Charles. The Oregon territory

    A sketch of Brooks Harbour

        [1846], 409

    Sketch of Portlocks & Gouldings

    [Vancouver Island, coastal Oregon]    


    [British Columbia, Oregon Territory         


        northern California]

Province du Manitoba et territoire du


        Nord-ouest [1878], 418


    Map of Canada and part of the


        United States

On the prairie section of the Grand          


        Trunk Pacific Railway [1909], 410


    On the prairie section of the Grand


        Trunk Pacific Railway

Rattray, Alexander. Vancouver Island


        and British Columbia [1862], 421


    Sketch map of Vancouver Island

Palliser, John. Exploration-British

        and British Columbia

        North America. Further papers

    Climate chart to illustrate the

        [1860], 411

        prevailing winds at Vancouver

    Saskatchewan rivers and Rocky



    The Riel Rebellion 1885 [1885], 427

    Sketch map showing the routes of

        Fort Pitt

        Captn. John Palliser

        Fish Creek

    The Kootenay and Boundary Passes

        Scene of the fight at Cut Knife Hill

        of the Rocky Mountains

        [Batoche he and surrounding area]

Palliser, John. Exploration-British


        North America. The journals

        Fort Red Deer

        [1863], 412

        [Map of the area involved in the

    A general map of the routes in British


        North America

Robson, Joseph. An account of six years

    Geological sketch of the south east of

        residence [1752], 428

        Vancouver Island

    A draught of Nelson and Hayes's

    Geological sketch map of Nanaimo


    Plan of Nanaimo shewing the coal

    A draught of Churchill River


Ross, Alexander. Adventures of the first

Palliser, John. Exploration-British

        settlers [1849], 429

        North America. Papers [1860]], 413

    Map of the Columbia to illustrate

    Country between the Red River

        Ross's Adventures

        Settlement and the Rocky

Ross, Alexander. The fur hunters of the


        far west [1855], 430




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French Influence
English Influence
Arctic Exploration
Western Frontier