Bachelor of Arts students learn to become problem solvers and innovative thinkers who approach issues with an open mind, think critically, and are ready to turn words into action.

You learn to communicate clearly, argue logically, and see yourself as part of a larger global community.

Arts and Humanities
Within the Faculty of Arts you examine how the human experience has been understood and expressed throughout history. Courses in the Arts and Humanities examine some of life's most fundamental questions, expanding your horizons and fueling your imagination as you learn to approach issues with fresh perspectives. The primary goal of all instruction in the Faculty of Arts is to help you develop the critical skills, creative independence of thought, and self-knowledge necessary to become informed citizens.

art history classArts and Humanities at Mount Allison:

Social Sciences
Within the Faculty of Social Sciences you examine human culture and society using scientific methods. Programs within the Faculty of Social Sciences study how people interact with their environment and each other through economic, political, religious, gender, and kinship systems. 

You will consider questions like: How do different groups define justice and democracy? Why are some countries rich while others are poor? How do we explain similarities and differences among human cultures? How is inequality structured within and between societies?

Social Sciences classSocial Sciences at Mount Allison: 

Other options
Among the benefits of a Mount Allison education are the interdisciplinary opportunities in every degree or program. Other options of majors or minors for our Bachelor of Arts:

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*Available as a minor only