Science at Mount Allison is hands-on and engaging.

physics at mount allisonA Bachelor of Science degree provides both academic and extracurricular opportunities that will turn a love of science into a personalized path to future success.

You will gain valuable experience through lab work, research projects, and academic conferences. You may choose to:

  • design your own independent research project
  • complete an honours thesis
  • take on a research-based special topic course
  • work directly with faculty on their research

chemistry at mount allisonScience at Mount Allison:

See full list of available majors and minors.

*Available as a minor only

World-Class Research
environmental science at mount allisonScience students at Mount Allison have a rare opportunity to participate in research as undergraduates, a rarity among Canadian universities:

  • Approximately 40 per cent of our Science students are directly involved in research
  • Nearly 50 per cent of all scientific papers produced by our professors are co-authored by an undergraduate student

You even have the opportunity for employment as a summer research assistant, working closely with faculty to solve complex problems with real-world applications.

You can also benefit from collaborations with national and international labs, including:

  • National Oceanography Centre in the United Kingdom
  • Mainz Microtron in Germany
  • Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC)

But you don't need to travel far from home for access to state-of-the-art labs, facilities, and equipment.
You will have access to:

  • Mount Allison Gemini Observatory
  • High performance computing clusters
  • Harold Crabtree Aqualab: Centre for Aquatic Sciences
  • Digital Electron Microscope Facility
  • ...just to name a few.