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DMF Policies and Procedures


Use of the facility is by appointment on a first come, first served basis. Appointments can be made in person, by phone, or email (see the DMF Home Page for contact info). Although every effort will be made to provide results in a timely fashion, previously scheduled work, equipment failures and down times can lead to unexpected delays. Critical work under deadline should be planned well in advance.

Specimen Preparation and Storage

Due to lack of fume hoods and other equipment, users are expected to perform fixations and other reagent intensive preparations outside the facility. Specimen preparation within the facility is restricted to final drying steps, mounting of specimens on supports, and conductive coating. The facility does not normally stock reagents for fixation and specimen preparation, but can provide guidelines and advice for these procedures.

Lack of space also restricts long-term storage and desiccation of prepared specimens and material left over from preparations. Unless explicit arrangements for long-term storage and/or further examination are made in advance, the facility reserves the right to discard these materials and recycle SEM support stubs as the need for storage arises.

Distribution of Images

Images in digital and hardcopy form are the property of the user. The facility will provide only temporary storage of digital images while a project is in progress and the user is responsible for making arrangements for transfer and archiving files.


Acknowledgment of the facility is requested for any publication or presentation that makes use of data collected in the facility.


For users making extensive use of the facility, training in operation of the equipment will be made available so that the user may operate instrumentation without full assistance. Training time will be billed at the same rate as for full assistance.


Effective February 10, 2015

Fees for services are based on cost recovery for the operation of the facility. Hourly charges for use of the SEM and light microscopes are intended to cover the cost of consumable items for the microscope (electron gun filaments, aperture strips, vacuum pump fluids, illumination sources, etc.) and other maintenance costs. Charges for sputter coating are calculated to replace the gold target when necessary. All other specimen preparation and photographic supplies are charged on a cost + 15% basis. Current charges are:

Item Unit Charge
Academic Users
Hitachi SU3500/Oxford AZtec EDS (hr.) $35.00
Technical Assistance (hr.) $30.00
Axioskop 2 plus (hr.) $10.00
AxioImager.Z2 (hr.) $15.00
Non-Academic Non-Profit Users
Hitachi SU3500 (hr.) $50.00
Hitachi SU3500/Oxford AZtec EDS (hr.) $75.00
Technical Assistance (hr.) $40.00
Axioskop 2 plus (hr.) $15.00
AxioImager.Z2 (hr.) $25.00
For-Profit Users
Hitachi SU3500 (hr.) $125.00
Hitachi SU3500/Oxford AZtec EDS (hr.) $250.00
Technical Assistance (hr.) $55.00
Axioskop 2 plus (hr.) $30.00
AxioImager.Z2 (hr.) $50.00
Documentary Laser Prints (per image) $0.20
10 mm Specimen Stubs (ea.) $1.00
32 mm Specimen Stubs (ea.) $5.00
Gold Sputter Coating (per minute) $3.00
High Vacuum Evaporative Coating (per run) $30.00
Freeze Drying (per run) $30.00
Critical Point Drying (per run) $30.00

SEM/EDS time is billed in half hour increments. Usage is considered to be the full amount of time that the microscope is occupied (not beam time) and not available to other users. Other less commonly used consumables will be billed at cost +15%.