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DMF Developed Software: SEMLabel

SEM generated labels within the image area (like those in the image below) are annoying. Not only do they usually hog image real estate, they can be very difficult to work around when preparing publication plates, and most journals won't accept images labeled in this way. Sometimes only Photoshop can save the day, but this is time-consuming and a questionable practice in terms of image alteration.

SEM generated label

SEMLabel solves this problem by placing image metadata below the image area. More information can be displayed, but does not alter the image data in any way.

SEMLabel image

SEMLabel can manually label (and un-label) images and can perfrom either operation in batch mode, but is normally used running in the background, automatically labeling images as they are saved to a specified folder:

DMF Developed Software: SEMLabel

Recently SEMLabel was modified to include a "barcode" in the image data area that encodes the magnification, for use by the image measurement program dmfMeasure.