Donor Report 2016 — May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016

Mount Allison alumni and friends give to make a difference in the lives of others. This happens in many ways: through your support to the University's buildings and facilities, our programs and experiential learning initiatives, or through financial awards such as internships, travel funds, bursaries, and scholarships for students. This donor report tells the stories of our alumni and friends who have helped transform our campus over the past year, and who have made a significant difference in the lives of our students.

We are grateful for our donors, and we wish to thank you for your support.  

If you would like a printed copy of this donor report, please feel free to contact Amanda Fleiger at, (506) 364-2343.

A legacy of philanthropy

Gloria Jollymore Access. Whether it is the array of disciplines from philosophy to accounting to physics, the financial means to an education, or the    availability of programs, support, and facilities, students who come to Mount Allison have access to the cornucopia of opportunities that make up the Mount Allison experience. 

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Major contributions

Lorraine Saab-LucasThis year, Mount Allison has had various major contributions from; a fund being created in support of Mountie Football, creation of a scholarship in support of upper-year students enrolled in environmental science, and support of student life activities.

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Supporting Indigenous students

Supporting Indigenous StudentsOver the past couple of years, Mount Allison has been working to better support Indigenous students, as well as to engage non-Indigenous students and community members in understanding the history and culture of Canada's Indigenous people.

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Alumni Field

Alumni Field DonorsOne of the most rewarding things in life is when others believe in you. The story of the alumni Field is very much a story about belief. On the surface, Alumni Field, along with the new seating, press box, and scoreboard, appears to be a story about the much-needed renovation of an important infrastructure on campus. 

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A catalyst for experiential learning

Dr. and Mrs. NelsonDr. Bob Nelson's ('54) life might have been very different if it has not been for his uncle, Rev. Frank Littlejohns (1918). "When my father died I had little prospect of going to University and certainly could not afford to do so, but my uncle Frank persuaded me to apply for a Lord Beaverbrook Scholarship," he says. "Without Uncle Frank's encouragement and pushing I am sure I never would have gone to university."

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The power of planned giving  

Evelyn SalsmanEvelyn (Jones) Salsman (’45) was a true philanthropist. Salsman and her husband, Dean, were well-known in the Halifax area, not only for their many generous gifts, but for the countless hours they spent volunteering for causes and organizations about which they were passionate.

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Financial summary

Growth of endowment fundsMount Allison's aspiration is clear: to be among the best undergraduate universities in the world. We will accomplish this by balancing two instrumental approaches: quality and sustainability. As supporters of Mount Allison, you play a vital role in fulfilling our promise, and we could not achieve this without your philanthropy. In return, you have our commitment to a disciplined approach to managing the University's financial resources such that your donations serve the purpose you intended — now and in the future.

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