English Academic Bridging Program
What is the English Academic Bridging Program?

The English Academic Bridging (EAB) program supports students in building skills and developing the level of English language proficiency necessary for academic success at Mount Allison University. The courses focus on helping students develop familiarity with a broad repertoire of academic vocabulary, formal and discipline specific writing skills, a capacity for both reading comprehension and critical analysis, and a level of oral fluency necessary to participate in Mount Allison University academic classes. The program also addresses academic skills such as note-taking, time management, exam preparation, and presentation skills.


How does the English Academic Bridging Program work?

Students accepted to the EAB program will join Mount Allison as full-time students, enrolling in three academic courses while taking two English EAB classes per term. EAB students will be preregistered in the three academic courses based on their degree program. All three academic courses are followed by tutoring sessions each day to ensure EAB students understand the content and discussions of every lecture/seminar and receive assistance with the required readings and assignments.   The EAB course load is 6 hours per week. The EAB program is designed to be a two term (Fall & Winter) program for degree seeking students. A one term option may be available for visiting international students and exchange students.

To successfully complete the program students must meet the following criteria:

  • a 75% in their EAB course load
  • a 1.8 term GPA (or higher) in all 3 courses per term/6 course per year
  • approval from the EAB course instructor

Upon successful completion of the program, students may transition to full, unconditional admission to Mount Allison.


  • For questions regarding admissions to MtA and the EAB program, please contact international@mta.ca
  • Students who have been admitted to the EAB program who have questions regarding their course selection or registration, please contact Ms. Sarah Cormier, First Year Academic Advisor, at scormier@mta.ca
  • Students who have been admitted to the EAB program who have questions about pre-departure planning (including study permit applications), international student services, or international orientation, please contact Ms. Christa Maston, International Student Advisor at intadvisor@mta.ca