If you could design the best possible library for Mount Allison, what would you include?

Library chairsMount Allison is looking ahead to its next big revitalization project — the Mount Allison Libraries and Archives.

This is an exciting opportunity to update and create a space that will serve the needs of the Mount Allison community now and for decades to come.

The following vision statement was developed through extensive community consultation and the work of the Libraries 2025 Vision Committee.

Library project vision statement

The re-imagined Mount Allison Libraries & Archives will be the keystone of the Mount Allison campus. Geographically at the centre of the University, it will be a place where connections are forged, where different approaches to learning are embraced and respected, and where all members of the community are inspired to broaden their knowledge and reach for ambitious goals.

The library will be a learning thoroughfare — a place of intellectual and creative discovery. It will provide a place for quiet study and spirited discussion, individual learning and community intersections, intense work and unwinding with friends. It will be a comfortable and inviting space, accessible to all, and filled with natural light.

But the re-designed library will not only let light in — it will invite the world in. It will be a place where engagement and ideas happen.

Our vision is to create a space built on the principles of sustainability. We will choose a design that seeks to reduce our environmental impact in the short and long term and that provides flexible space that can be reconfigured as the needs of our campus community change. It will celebrate tradition while seizing opportunities to support new ways of learning.

The renewed library will become an even more integral and valued part of every student’s experience. It will be a defining feature of Mount Allison.