Terms of reference

The Committee shall meet as necessary to become familiar with the budget structure and financial outlook.

The Committee shall review the draft operating budget and provide advice to the President on proposals and spending allocations.

The Committee shall provide advice to the President with respect to budget process.

Members of the Budget Advisory Committee

Members of the committee include students, faculty, and staff. Committee members have a varied background and are drawn from a number of University departments.

  •  Jenna Boomer
  •  John Gillis
  •  Robert Inglis (Chair)
  •  Dianne Keeping
  •  David Lieske
  •  Beth MacDonald
  •  Jeff Ollerhead
  •  Andrea Phinney
  •  Jerry Ropson
  •  Emelyana Titarenko
  •  Kevin Wong

Resource to the Committee

  • Chris Milner

If you have any questions or would like more information about the committee, contact the Budget Advisory Committee using our online form