Learning Spanish and about Hispanic culture and literature will open doors that you never knew existed. It will change the way you think about the world around you. As one of the most-spoken languages in the world, Spanish can also serve you in the workplace, while on vacation, or in your career as a student.

We offer three degree options.

1. If you’ve already selected a major, consider a MINOR in Spanish. Many students specializing in International Relations, History, Commerce, Sociology and even Biology pursue a minor in Spanish because knowledge of the language helps them pursue career paths in international contexts or in the developing world. 

Hispanice Studies small2. A MAJOR in Spanish truly embraces the language, cultural and literary contexts of the Hispanic world, drawing from the rich cultures of Latin America as well as Spain. Our courses entice students to travel or study abroad and offer authentic encounters with the Hispanic world through art, film and most importantly, literature.

3. An HONOURS in Spanish via the Interdisciplinary Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures degree, with an emphasis on Spanish. Combined with the study of two other languages, this degree option allows you to gain intimate knowledge of three languages while focusing on the culture and literature of the Spanish-speaking world.


Contact the Program Advisor:
Dr. Lauren Beck