J. E. Boulet Part 3

March 15/45
Canadian Army

Dear Mrs. Boulet:


It is with a feeling of deep regret that I write to you with regard to the passing of your husband, Joe. I extend to you my sincerest sympathy in your great and irreperable loss. I feel partially responsible for this calamatous occurrence as it was myself who requested that Joe be transferred from 4th brigade to this battalion. From the day of his arrival he proved himself to be an extremely efficient officer. His strong and winning personal quality gained the respect confidence and admiration of all those serving under him.

Letter from King George

On the night of the 26 February, Joe's company were holding a position astride the Goch-Calcar road. For over a week the enemy had been counterattacking relentlessly but each time they were driven off. On this night they came in again supported by tanks. Joe was moving about in his platoon encouraging his men when he was hit by a shell fired by one of the tanks. He was immediately evacuated but later died in hospital. He is buried at St. Michael Gestal, Holland in the military cemetery.

I fully realize how deep must be your grief. However it may be some comfort to know that your husband died fearlessly for a just and good cause. His indomitable courage was at all times an inspiration to the men of his platoon.

Please do not hesitate to call on me for any further information you may desire or if at any time I may be of service to you.

Again I offer to you my sincerest sympathy.

Yours sincerely W. Denis Whitaker

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