Sir Robert Borden Declares War

Sir Robert Bordenspacer August 19th, 1914

Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada, declares his intentions regarding the First World War in the House of Commons on August 19th, 1914. . .

It is not fitting that I should prolong this debate. In the awful dawn of the greatest war the world has ever known, in the hour when peril confronts us such as this Empire has not faced for a hundred years, every vain or unnecessary word seems a discord. As to our duty, all are agreed: we stand shoulder to shoulder with Britain and the other British dominions in this quarrel. And that duty we shall not fail to fulfil as the honour of Canada demands. Not for love of battle, not for lust of conquest, not for greed of possessions, but for the cause of honour, to maintain solemn pledges, to uphold principles of liberty, to withstand forces that would convert the world into an armed camp; yea, in the very name of the peace that we sought at any cost save that of dishonour, we have entered into this war; and, while gravely conscious of the tremendous issues involved and of all the sacrifices that they may entail, we do not shrink from them, but with firm hearts we abide the event.

--Sir Robert Borden,
Prime Minister of Canada, August 19, 1914.
House of Commons Debates, p.19

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