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Amherst, Nova Scotia, Diamond Jubilee 1889-1949, with a history of the town specially written by Will R. Bird.
Amherst, N.S.: News-Sentinel Ltd., 1949. 84 p. : ill.

Amherst, Nova Scotia : the Gateway to the Land of Evangeline
Amherst, N.S.: News Sentinel Ltd., [1925?] 22 p. : ill.

And We Go On
Toronto: Hunter-Rose, 1930. 343 p.

Angel Cove
Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1972. 236 p.

A Century at Chignecto: the Key to Old Acadia
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Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1930 (The Ryerson Canadian History Readers). 30 p. : ill.

The Communication Trench
Amherst, N.S.: The Author, 1933. 336 p.

The Communication Trench: Anecdotes & Statistics from the Great War, 1914-1918
Ottawa: CEF Books, 2000. 150 p.

Despite the Distance
Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1961. 280 p.

Done at Grand Pré
Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1955. 179. : ill.

An Earl Must Have a Wife
Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1969. 236 p.

Escape to Murder
London: W. Kimber, 1955. 205 p.
[Also published as The Two Jacks]

Ghosts Have Warm Hands
Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1968. 255 p.
Paperback ed.: Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1976

Ghosts Have Warm Hands: a Memoir of the Great War, 1916-1919
Nepean, Ont. : CEF Books, 1997

Golden Jubilee Souvenir, Division 508, 1908-1958, edited with a history by
Will R. Bird.

Halifax, N.S.: Golden Anniversary Committee of Division 508, Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America, 1958. (Printed by McCurdy Pub. Co.). 96 p.

Here Stays Good Yorkshire
Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1945. 332 p.
2nd ed. Toronto : Ryerson Press, 1946
Ottawa : CEF Books, 2000

Historic Nova Scotia
Halifax: Hon. W.T. Dauphinee, Minister of Trade & Industry, [19--?].
114 p.
/ prepared by Will R. Bird, in consultation with D.C. Harvey ; drawings by
William E. Degarthe.
Halifax: Ministry of Industry and Publicity, 1946?] ([2nd ed.])
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[Halifax, 1941?]

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Interesting Items Regarding St. Matthew's Church
[Halifax, N.S.: St. Matthew's United Church, 1963]. 3 p.

Judgment Glen
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Maid of the Marshes
Amherst, N.S.: The Author, 1935. 198 p.

The Misadventures of Rufus Burdy
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Paperback ed.: Hantsport, N.S.: Lancelot Press, 1983

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Off-trail in Nova Scotia
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The Passionate Pilgrim
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Private Timothy Fergus Clancy
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Shy Yorkshireman: a Novel
Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1955. 253 p. New York : Bouregy & Curl, 1955

So Much to Record
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St. Matthew's United Church of Canada
Halifax : [s.n., 1963]
[Halifax : s.n., 1972?]

The Story of Vimy-Ridge = La Crête de Vimy
Arras, France: I.N.S.A.P., 1932. 24 p. : ill.

Sunrise for Peter, and Other Stories
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These are the Maritimes
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To Love and To Cherish
Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1953. 309 p.

Tristram's Salvation: a Novel
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The Two Jacks: the Amazing Adventures of Major Jack M. Veness and Major Jack L. Fairweather
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London : W. Kimber, 1955

Edited by Will R. Bird

Atlantic Anthology
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1959. 310 p.
Braille ed. Toronto : CNIB, [197-?]

Compiled by Arthur M. Smith, ROM Librarian