Centennial Hall
Centennial Hall was built in 1883 and housed administrative offices and college classrooms as well as a chapel and the college library. The library occupied the west end of the second floor until its 15,000 volumes were moved to the new Memorial Library in 1927.

In March 1933 the building suffered extensive damage in a fire. By this time, it housed all the arts faculties, classrooms, as well as the offices of the President and of several faculty members. It also housed a chapel, dedicated in memory of Rev. William Black (Black Memorial Chapel), which was located on the south end of the second floor. After the fire, the foundation and some walls remained standing and were incorporated into the building as it was reconstructed. 

The newly reconstructed building was officially opened in January 1934. It also housed a chapel, on the third floor, which closed in 1965 when the new Chapel was opened.

Photograph from Mount Allison Archives, Picture Collection 2007.07/34