College Hall
This building, dedicated in 1863, was located facing east and next to the driveway that led from Main Street to the President's cottage. Measuring 68' x 40’, College Hall served as administrative offices, student accommodation and classrooms for the newly established Mount Allison Wesleyan College. Beginning in 1878 when the library holdings were moved from Lingley Hall, it also housed the college library in the west end of the second floor of the building.

In 1883, with the provision for administrative offices, classrooms and a library in the new Centennial Hall, College Hall was remodeled for use as a men’s residence and moved next to Salem Street, where the Bennett Building currently stands. At that point, it became known as The Lodge. When the First University Men’s Residence was built in 1894, the men moved out and it was renamed Old Lodge.

For several years the Old Lodge remained empty, but during the summer of 1903 the building was raised five feet to accommodate a basement and the interior was fitted with facilities for engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and geology. The renovated building was called the McClelan School of Applied Science. In 1921 the building was once again renovated and became known as Science Hall. In 1931 when the new Science Building (later named the Flemington Building) was opened, only physics and engineering remained in the old Science Building. It was destroyed by fire on 17 March 1933 and was not rebuilt.

Photograph from Mount Allison Archives, Picture Collection 2007.07/1021