Lingley Hall
Lingley Hall, named after Bartlett Lingley who made a donation towards its construction, was built in 1854 on the site of the present Hart Hall. Dedicated January 31, 1855, it served as a lecture hall, music hall, and library. The library was located in a room under the gallery, next to another room that housed a museum. The library was initially for the male and female academies, but later housed the college library too. In 1878 the library was divided among the three Mount Allison institutions and moved from Lingley.

In 1910 the building was moved south-east on the hill to make room for the construction of Hart Hall. It was slated for sale or destruction, but when the College gymnasium burned on 28 March 1912, Lingley was moved to the north end of the football field where it was enlarged to serve as a gymnasium. It burned down on 31 January 1921.

Photograph from Mount Allison Archives, Picture Collection 2007.07/840