Ralph Pickard Bell
Ralph Pickard Bell was born in Halifax on 28 March 1886 the son of Andrew Mackinlay (1847 - 1918) and Mary Emerancy (Pickard) Bell (1847 - 1918).  He studied at Mount Allison University and later became his alma mater’s first chancellor in 1960.  During the Second World War Bell served as Director-General for Aircraft Production in Canada.  He was also a prominent business man who was involved with the timber trade and fisheries in Nova Scotia.  He spearheaded the creation of National Sea Products Limited and also served as a Vice-President of the Bank of Nova Scotia.  He was first married to Annie Marguerite Deinstadt (1884 - 1943) in Amherst, Nova Scotia on 22 May 1907.  Together they had three daughters.  After her death he married Marjorie Young Smith (1889 – 1966) of Shediac Cape, New Brunswick on 11 June 1944.  Ralph Bell died on 3 March 1975 at his home “High Head” at Martin’s Point, Nova Scotia.

Photograph cropped from Mount Allison Archives, Charles Seaman fonds 2003.06/3