Ruthmary MacPherson (Acting) 2002 - 2003
Ruthmary MacPherson was born in England but raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She attended Mount Saint Vincent University and after receiving a BScHEc in 1979, worked as a dietician in Newfoundland. She then returned to Nova Scotia where she enrolled in the library science program at Dalhousie University. After receiving a MLIS in 1986, MacPherson worked at the New Glasgow Public Library, the library at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and the Vaughan Memorial Library at Acadia University.

In 1995 MacPherson was appointed Technical Services Librarian at Mount Allison University and has served in that capacity to the present time. During this time, she studied at Universite de Moncton and earned a MBA (2005).

For one year after University Librarian Sara Lochhead resigned, MacPherson served as Acting University Librarian (2002/03).

Photo credit: Rhianna Edwards