Sidney Hunton 1884-1914
Sidney Walker Hunton was born in Ottawa, Ontario on 4 July 1858. He studied mathematics at McGill University for two years, and was awarded two prestigious scholarships: the Canadian Gilchrist Scholarship and the Rothschild Scholarship, for outstanding performance in mathematics.

Following McGill, Hunton studied mathematics at Heidelberg University, the University of London, and Cambridge University. He was then appointed associate professor in mathematics at the Electrical Engineering College in London, UK. Hunton held this position until 1883, when he joined the department of mathematics at Mount Allison University. Concurrently, he was the university’s Librarian for thirty years, from 1884 to 1914.

He remained in the mathematics department until his retirement in 1933 and then resided in Sackville until his death on 28 November 1941. In his will he bequeathed his mathematical library of approximately 300 books to the Memorial Library.

Photograph from Mount Allison Archives, Picture Collection 2007.07/948