William Morley Tweedie
William Morley Tweedie was born in 1862 at River John, Nova Scotia. He studied at Mount Allison Academy in 1877/78 and then entered Mount Allison Wesleyan College (now Mount Allison University) at the age of 15 years. He graduated with a BA in 1882 and was class valedictorian. Having won a Gilchrist Scholarship, he proceeded to the University of London and graduated in 1884 with a BA and in 1887 with an MA in English and German. In the autumn of 1887, Tweedie came to Mount Allison as professor of English Language and Literature and continued to teach in this field and in German for the next 48 years. He retired in 1937, the year Mount Allison bestowed a honorary LLD upon him. He lived in Sackville until his death on 16 November 1951.

During the three years Tweedie was a student at Mount Allison, his sister Leora R. was also a student at the Mount Allison Wesleyan Ladies' Academy and received the M.L.A. (Mistress of Liberal Arts) degree in 1880.

In his will, Tweedie provided for his sister Leora, with the residue to be bequeathed to Mount Allison. Upon Leora's death later in 1951, all Tweedie's money was left to Mount Allison. Many evidences of his generosity exist to this day, including the Tweedie Annex built onto the Memorial Library in 1960.

Photograph from Mount Allison Archives, Picture Collection folder 58