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Archival Sources

For those unfamiliar with the methods and the language of archival description, the following definitions are provided:

Archives: the noncurrent records of an individual or organization that are kept for their legal, financial and/or enduring research value.

Collection: an artificial accumulation of documents of any provenance (origin) brought together on the basis of some common characteristic (e.g. subject, medium, type of document, etc.)

Fonds: From the French term "fonds d'archives" meaning the whole of the records, regardless of medium or form, automatically created and/or accumulated and used by a particular individual, family or corporate body in the course of that creator's activities or function.

Record: A document in any form or medium, created or received and maintained by an organization or person in the transaction of business or conduct of affairs.

For Archival material that resides in repositories other than the Mount Allison University Archives, only the item level description has been provided when used in this virtual exhibition.

Visitors to this virtual exhibition should note that only selected documents have been digitized for this exhibition. for complete finding aids (inventories) of all documents included in the fonds or collection from which these documents are taken, it is recommended that researchers contact the repository identified as owner of the document(s).

For further information about the archival material reflected in this virtual exhibition please contact the Mount Allison University Archives.

Title of Fonds,
Collection or Item
Dates of Creation
Physical Extent
Alice Etter Bulmer fonds 1920-1945 2.5 cm of textual records
Albert Anderson family fonds 177?-1970 1.36 m of textual records and other material
Albert Anderson interview 1997 1 audio cassette
Black family fonds 1829-1992 5.17 m of textual records and other material
Edward B. Pulford fonds 1964-1987 173 photographs
Elsie Pomeroy fonds 1823-1968 1.62 m of textual records and other material
Harper family fonds 1850-1965 1.49 m of textual records
James D. Dixon fonds 1853-1873 6.5 cm of textual records
James D. and Frederick A. Dixon fonds 1861-1893,1951 3 cm of textual records and 2 photographs
Lochhead family fonds 1879-1987 14 m of textual records and 1.7 m photographs
Mount Allison University Archives fonds 2000 56 drawings and 37 photographs
Mount Allison University Information Office fonds 1933?-1989 3.5 m of textual records and other material
Peter Ennals fonds 1997,2003 8 photographs
Point de Bute New Brunswick Grange No. 772 fonds 1881-1886 122 leaves of text
Raymond Clare Archibald fonds 1824?-1958 3.5 m of textual records and other material
Richard Thorne McCully fonds 1931-1939 464 photographs
Robert J. Cunningham fonds 1975-1976 5 cm of textual records and 552 photographs
Sackville Art Association fonds 1945-1985 25 cm of textual records and other material
Sackville Board of Trade fonds 1901-1966 80 cm of textual records
Sackville Community Arts Council fonds 1972-1985 2.4 m of textual records and other material
Sackville [New Brunswick] Grant [179?] 1 cartographic record
Sackville Town Book [19-?] 1 volume; 186 pages
Thaddeus Holownia fonds 1982-1991 2.5 cm of textual records; 19 negatives; 3 photographs
Trueman family fonds 1750-1931 30 cm of textual records; 5 cartographic records; 2 artifacts
Walter I. Dixon fonds 1899-1940 1 volume
Webster Manuscript Collection 1759-1949 7.10 m of textual records and other material
Westmorland County New Brunswick Census Collection 1803-1834 24 leaves

For information on this virtual exhibition and the archival documents featured in it please contact:

Cheryl Ennals, University Archivist
Mount Allison University Archives
Ralph Pickard Bell Library
49 York Street
Sackville New Brunswick E4L 1C6

Telephone : (506) 364-2563
Fax : (506) 364-2617
Email :

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