The Mathematics and Computer Science department at Mount Allison emphasizes hands-on learning.

Students are given ample opportunity to put theory into practice during labs, independent research projects, and while assisting in faculty research.

Mathematics has been around since humans first began using numbers, while computer science is a relatively recent discipline, but the two are closely connected subjects.

The department teaches all facets of the disciplines, from the purely theoretical to the practical, and offers a wide range of courses designed to meet the needs of a variety of users.





MtA Hacks is a computer science conference hosted by Mount Allison University.

We aim to build a computer science community and inspire technological innovation by encouraging high school and university students across the Maritimes to learn, build, and pitch projects.


 2019's February 2nd hackathon focused on tech for environmental sustainability, and featured workshops, industry booths, and social events.


There are two streams: a 12-hour stream targeted at beginners and a 16-hour stream targeted at more experienced programmers.


Registration is open to students of all experience levels and has no fee.


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