Garry Neill Kennedy with Digital Owens project

Garry Neill Kennedy, FBI (ACT) at the E-Gallery

Garry Neill Kennedy: FBI (ACT)

7 November 2008 to 9 December 2009

Garry Neill Kennedy was commissioned by the Owens Art Gallery to create a new work specifically for the launch of the Digital Owens, our new on-line programming venue. Kennedy's work links the Owens Art Gallery website to the website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Art Crime Team (ACT) where visitors will find a list of the FBI Top Ten Art Crimes or a list of Recent Art Thefts. Through this work, visitors to the Owens website have the opportunity to take part in the recovery of stolen art anywhere in the world from the theft of the Gertrude Venderbilt Whitney Murals (Panels 3A and 3B) to the Painful Virgin by Dolorosa.

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