digital collage by Juan Ortiz-Apuy of a blue hand against a yellow backgroud showing an orange, a frog, a juice bottle, a splash and a spray bottle top.

Mary Pratt: The Floating World

1 March –15 May 2019

Curated by Emily Falvey

This exhibition celebrates the intricate, dazzling, and sometimes unsettling artistic vision of Mary Pratt. Featuring a selection of works from our permanent collection, the exhibition spotlights a series of woodblock prints Pratt created in collaboration with Japanese master printmaker Masato Arikushi. This nine-year creative exchange, one of the most important of Pratt’s career, produced a breathtaking suite of carefully observed, spectacularly lush meditations on still life as an expression of the transitory nature of life. On the occasion of her solo exhibition Simple Bliss (2004), Pratt wrote, “The most unexpected delight has been my association with Masato Arikushi in the making of the series of prints we call Transformations. I found an artisan who understood my ideas so well that he needed little input from me once he had studied the paintings I provided. Gradually his own ideas melded with my original images, and I detected his own imagery inserting itself into my own. I liked that. It all fit.”

This exhibition has been organized in memory of Mary Pratt, who was a graduate of Mount Allison University’s Fine Arts Department (Class of ’57). She passed away in August 2018 at the age of 83.

Image: Mary Pratt, Pears on a Green Glass Plate, 1998, colour woodblock print on paper, gift of Christopher Pratt

Painting by Ghitta Caiserman, a still life of the artist's studio.


The Slightness of Simplicity

22 March – 15 May 2019

Curated by Emily Falvey

Borrowing its title from a chapter in Mary Pratt’s collection of writings A Personal Calligraphy (Goose Lane Editions, 2000), this exhibition explores the sometimes-fraught relationship between domestic life and the demands of the artist’s studio. Featuring a selection of work from the permanent collection, it explores how certain artistic subjects have and continue to be gendered female, and how this practice often serves to trivialize and exclude them.

Image: Ghitta Caiserman, Studio Still Life, n.d., oil on Masonite, The Jean MacKay Chubb and Francis L. Chubb Collection

Painting by Ghitta Caiserman, a still life of the artist's studio.


Last Dance: Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition 2019

12 April – 29 May 2019

Organized by Leah Garnett

Every year, the Owens Art Gallery presents the work of students graduating from Mount Allison University’s Fine Arts Department. Featuring a wide range of work in a variety of media, this year’s exhibition celebrates the artistic development of each student and considers it in relation to the collective journey of the whole class.

Artists: Sean Bourque, Braden Chetwynd, Curtis Coombs, Julia Crowell, Martha Elliott, Veronica Kerrigan, Xi Luo, Sarah Noonan, Clara Patterson, Mary Scott, London Silver

Image: Martha Elliott, Papa’s Portrait, 2019, chromogenic print. Photo courtesy of the artist.

oil painting of Trees by Gary Lloyd Saunders



17 September - Ongoing

Each month a friend of the Owens is invited to select a work or two, or sometimes three from the Owens' collection. These community members, students, staff and faculty share their own perspectives and connections to works that they pick and to the collection overall.

The Owens Art Gallery's collection began with an initial group of 300 predominantly European paintings, prints and drawings acquired in 1885 as a teaching collection for art students to study and copy. The collection has now grown to over 3000 works of art including paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture and multi-media work by established Canadian and International Artists.

This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of community curated exhibitions. Follow the series online now.

Image: Gary Saunders, Forest, 1964, oil on canvas. Purchased with funds provided by
the Windsor Foundation. Photo by Roger Smith

Alex Colville, Athletes, 1961, oil and synthetic resin on board



The Colville Gallery

14 May 2016 - Ongoing

A permanent exhibition space devoted to the work of Alex Colville (1920-2013), one of Canada's most celebrated artists and one of Mount Allison University's best known graduates. The Gallery features the installation of the mural Athletes, commissioned by Mount Allison for its new Athletic Centre in 1961. Designed around the theme of the student athlete, the mural was the focal point of the new building; it remained there for over 50 years, until its present installation in the stable and secure environment of Owens Art Gallery. Other artworks by Colville are also on view, including many of the preparatory drawings for Athletes and examples of the artist's serigraphs.

Image: Alex Colville, Athletes, 1961, oil and synthetic resin on board

Image of homepage of the Virtual Companion


A Virtual Companion to All Things Useful and Artistic: Applied Arts at Mount Allison University 1906-1960

online now

This Virtual Companion accompanies the exhibition All Things Useful and Artistic: Applied Arts at Mount Allison University 1906-1960. Serving as a legacy for the exhibition, this website provides in-depth features on selected objects, behind-the-scenes documentation of the exhibition installation, video footage of conservation treatments, archival photographs and oral histories from graduates of the Applied Arts program.

The Virtual Companion is made possible through funding from the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation.

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