Past Exhibitions

Herbivores by Susan McEachern

Susan McEachern: Equine Studies

17 January to 16 March

Work by Nova Scotia photographer Susan McEachern, including the series Herbivores, Grasses, and the videos Micah and Me and Urban Pasture. The artist writes: " I have been exploring the human relationship to animals within my creative production, and to history, gender and feeling. My study of horses and the history and significance of the horse-human partnership has allowed me to reside in what feels like a simultaneous past and present. Horses seem to have been human companions from the very first; they are represented in the first known human-made images. Their history parallels human history, and so their needs have paralleled human needs. These photographs are a mark of my efforts to understand my bond to these other members of the natural world."

Image: Herbivores, Susan McEachern, 2006, photograph

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