Past Exhibitions

A selection of books from the Davidson Collection at Mount Allison University

Cabinets of Wonder: Art & Science in the Academy and the Community

29 October – 29 November 2015

This exhibition pays homage to the rich interdisciplinary history of Wunderkammerns, which were personal collections of curiosities and rarities housed in cabinets, but which grew to encompass whole rooms and then become what we know as museums. Works featured in the exhibition draw upon the resources of the Owens Art Gallery’s permanent collection; scientific specimens and natural objects from the Mount Allison University Department of Biology; and artifacts from the collection at New Brunswick Museum.

Referencing the density and arrangement of the original Wunderkammerns, this exhibition fills the gallery with a variety of objects to be amazed by.

Image: Lawren P. Harris, Sea Stones, 1956, Oil and sand on canvas

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