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Exhibition installation of When One Space Meets Another


Erik Edson: Other Stories

20 October - 10 December 2017

This exhibition presents Sackville-based Erik Edson’s latest large-scale installation ruins (2017), alongside a selection of work that spans almost two decades of the artist’s career. Initially known as a printmaker, Edson’s practice expanded into sculpture and installation informed by the qualities of his original medium, in particular the way printmaking produces images by means of a process of translation. For Edson, neither looking at nor making pictures are neutral (let alone natural) experiences, and through use of found images, stage-set like formats, and other tactics that draw attention to the act of viewing, he demonstrates how our visual experiences are embedded both in the habits of the body, and in a circulating web of imagery. ruins exemplifies Edson’s longstanding interest in the natural world, so often the site of human fantasies of pure experience, and yet the subject of perhaps the most richly-developed visual cultural archive of all.

The exhibition is curated by Pan Wendt, and co-produced by the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and the Owens Art Gallery.

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Image: Sunset, 2006. Paint on plywood. Collection of the Owens Art Gallery

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