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Exhibition installation of When One Space Meets Another


Leah Garnett: When One Space Meets Another

15 September - 25 October 2017

A new installation by Sackville artist Leah Garnett which draws upon her childhood experiences growing up around construction sites and the woods of rural Maine.

Describing this work Leah Garnett writes: My father builds custom homes, so I grew up on construction sites, and later I worked on them. This foundational experience shaped how I think about space: how we construct, mold, and contain it. It also influenced how I make things. My 3D vocabulary stems from an early immersion in construction, that while far from masterful, is the language that I brought to making art. When One Space Meets Another is a return to my roots in construction, filtered through my sculpture, installation, and drawing practices. Specifically, When One Space Meets Another provided me with an opportunity to range over questions about construction sites. What is the relationship between landscape and architecture where the temporary and transitional construction site becomes a hybrid of the two? As a temporary and nomadic site of labor, how does a construction site compare to a studio, particularly the temporary studio occupations of artist residencies? And finally, what are the results and implications of transposing multiple spaces and landscapes into a single location?

When One Space Meets Another is curated by Pan Wendt, and co-organized by the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and the Owens Art Gallery.

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When One Space Meets Another
installation view, Confederation Centre Art Gallery

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