Artist Neil Rough being interviewed as part of the Owens Art Gallery Digital Video Archive

Digital Video Archive

Since 2005 artists and special speakers at the Owens have generously participated in our Video Archive agreeing to have their presentations videotaped. These talks will soon be available from the Mount Allison University Library to watch at home.

The Archive includes talks by Glenn Adams, Marie Hélène Allain, Michael Alstad, Rebecca Burke, Diana Burgoyne, Risa Horowitz, Brian Howell, Glynis Humphrey, Garry Neill Kennedy, Lisa Klapstock, Daniel Laskarin, June Leaf, Micah Lexier, Liz MacDougall, Ed Pien, Neil Rough, Frank Shebageget, Tom Sherman and Jayne Wark.

Watch highlights of recent talks and events here.


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