Make Something Sunday

Make Something Sunday participant showing his button

Make Something Sunday participant showing buttons

Make Something Sunday

Workshops for Families Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sackville

Make Something Sundays introduce new materials and ways of working through informal hands-on workshops for kids 12 and under and their families. Drop-in between 2 - 4 pm for half an hour or stay for two. Relax, recharge, create and explore. No booking required. This program is offered free of charge.

Check out our calendar for a full listing of upcoming events.

2 January
Pasta Maker Printmaking
Discover how a hand-cranked pasta maker can become a printing press. Make your own printing plate, ink it up and run it through the pasta maker press. We’ll have white ink and coloured paper for you to experiment with.
9 February
Patchwork Valentines
Let our fabric stash be your inspiration for this Valentine’s card making extravaganza. Play with colour and pattern as you cut and collage fabric shapes onto cards for family and friends.
8 March
Mini World Diorama
Transform a cardboard box into your own mini world. Recreate a favourite place, travel back in time or into space, or build a scene from your imagination. 
5 April
Hand-Stamped Banners
Play with pattern, stamp out a message, and create your own canvas banner to hang at home.
3 May
DIY Sketchbook
Design your own sketchbook and bind it with a few simple stitches or use our stapler. Decorate the cover with washi tape and collage, then head outside to draw the first signs of spring.
The Little Library
A small portable library featuring an expanding collection of art books for young readers. The books in The Little Library add to conversations about looking at art and creativity. The Little Library is available during Make Something Sundays.

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