Students sketching figures in motion during gym class

We think that fantastic projects come out of collaborations with teachers and their students. We have worked with schools on partnerships that have taken place over multiple sessions allowing us to dive deeper to explore various topics from Alex Colville and his connections to Sackville to the theme of Night and the shadowy stories that it can inspire. These projects engage students in visual art through looking, talking, investigating, making and reflecting. We get to know students and students get to know the Owens through a forum that brings the voices of youth into the Gallery.

Spring 2006
A Pocket Companion to the Owens Art Gallery: A little guide for kids by kids

Students sketching in Sackville as part of Project Colville

Spring 2007
Project Colville: A Teen's Guide to Alex Colville in Sackville

Students developing shadow plays

Winter 2008
Shadow Stories

Grade four student making notes on an observation walk

Spring 2008
Between Here and There

Students work collaboratively on a Sounding Sackville banner

Spring 2009
Sounding Sackville

Students signing names

Spring 2010
A List of Signed Names in Which Nobody Signed Their Own Name but Signed the Name of Another


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