Studio Call

Students drawing as part of Studio Call with Leah Garnett

Bring an artist into your classroom with Studio Call, a free classroom-based program that brings contemporary artists to your school for an artist-led, hands-on "studio" session. An artist's studio is a place for experimentation and discovery where new ideas, new materials and new ways of working are developed. Studio Call introduces students to artists and current art practice.

Leah Garnett with students during Studio Call

Spring 2008
Studio Call: Leah Garnett

Studio Call: Uta Riccius activity image

Spring 2009
Studio Call: Uta Riccius

Studio Call: Tara K. Wells activity image

Spring 2010
Studio Call: Tara K. Wells

Studio Call: Ryan Suter activity image

Spring 2011
Studio Call: Ryan Suter

Studio Call: Paula Cowan activity image

Spring 2012
Studio Call: Paula Cowan


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