American Studies class in Hart Hall, 2018.

American studies is an interdisciplinary program. It helps students develop an understanding of America as a nation and as a civilization, its place in history, and its impact on Canada and the world.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options: BA honours or major; Any degree, minor

The American studies program at Mount Allison examines not only the history, economy, and government of the United States, but delves into its literature, music, and art – painting a complete picture of the country's governance, society, and culture, as well as its place in history and its impact on the world.

This interdisciplinary program draws on courses in a number of different subject areas, including:

  • American literature
  • American history from the colonial period, to the Civil War, to the present
  • Historical geography of North America

In upper years, students have the flexibility of choosing complimentary courses from a wide variety of topics with an American studies component, such as:

  • Canadian studies – Canadian-American relations
  • Economics – economic growth and tech change, labour-management relations (North America)
  • English – African American literature, Asian American literature, cultural studies, postmodernism
  • Environmental studies – geography of economic activity, transportation geography
  • History – the American social and cultural experience, American women's history
  • International relations – global governance, the inter-American system
  • Political science – American government and politics, American foreign policy
  • Religious studies – apocalyptic consciousness
  • Sociology – critical media analysis, dynamics of popular culture

Find a list of American studies courses in the academic calendar – American studies.

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