Anthropology students meet with their professor in a café.

Anthropology is the study of humans across space and time. It aims to understand the human experience in different places and times through attention to behaviour, speech, materials, and the physical body. It emphasizes the importance of culture and environment as well as sensitivity to cultural differences.

Program overview

Courses in anthropology include the cross-cultural study of:

  • social inequality
  • belief systems
  • folklore
  • family and kinship
  • traditional health practices
  • international development
  • forensic anthropology
  • the interplay of culture and biology from birth to death

In upper years you may choose seminars on globalization, the body, performance, and cultural ecology, as well as courses targeting particular populations, such as Southeast Asian, First Nations, Arctic, African, and Middle Eastern.

Anthropology is available as an honours, major, or minor.

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