Student in the fine art conservation lab at the Owens Art Gallery.
Art history is integral to the study of art and visual culture. It provides valuable insight into history, philosophy, and the humanities in general.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, students are encouraged to examine a broad range of visual, cultural, and critical studies.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options: BA major; Any degree, minor

Courses in art history at Mount Allison range from an introduction to world art to more focused examinations of specific time periods, movements, and issues surrounding the visual arts.

You will be able to explore:

  • Canadian art
  • museum studies
  • contemporary art
  • women in art
  • specialist courses in 19th and 20th century art

Upper year advanced seminars offer you the opportunity to take a more focused and critical approach to topics like:

  • photography and film
  • art theory and criticism
  • museum studies
  • modernism and postmodernism
  • feminism and gender issues
  • art and the archive

If you choose to major in art history, you will be encouraged to do a special topics paper on a specific area of interest as part of your degree.

Find a list of about art history courses in the academic calendar – art history.

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