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Data science is the emerging interdisciplinary study and application of how we capture, organize, archive, access, and use large-scale data.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree options:  

  • Any degree, minor in Data Science
  • Undergraduate certificate in Data Management
  • Undergraduate certificate in Data Analytics

Students in the data science program at Mount Allison will learn concepts and practices for effective management, distribution, and presentation of data, enabling them to successfully engage with the scope and scale of data resources.

The program is designed to engage and serve the interests of a wide range of students with emphasis on interdisciplinary opportunities and challenges of data science, including ethics and privacy. Skills in data science are highly transferable across many areas of practice and professions, from physics to health care to social policy.

Course areas in data science include:

  • linear algebra
  • econometrics
  • statistics
  • data analysis
  • advanced design and statistical analysis
  • data visualization and communication
  • data acquisition and organization
  • experiential data science

A certificate in data management covers the theory, ethics, and practice of managing and presenting data resources. The certificate will empower students with tools to advance their work in their own discipline, and to progress to graduate or professional practice.

A certificate in data analytics covers conceptual approaches to analyses of large-scale data, which presents both challenges and opportunities.

A minor in Data Science combines both certificates, along with advanced statistics.

For a full list of data science courses, visit the Academic Calendar - Data Science.

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