Drama production of Godspell


Drama studies shows us new perspectives, challenges us, and touches us – as our lives and the issues we face are reflected back in new and surprising ways.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options: BA major; Any degree, minor

At Mount Allison, students involved in drama studies are challenged to work creatively, exploring new means of communication and expression – all within a cooperative collaborative environment.

Students begin their studies with an introduction to drama, followed by courses in:

  • acting
  • production
  • directing
  • design
  • dramatic theory
  • dramatic literature

In the final year of a major in drama studies, you will complete your degree with one or two independent projects in areas of special interest. This will allow you to work with a mentor from the faculty or staff to design and execute a major theatrical project in writing, design, directing, management, or acting.

The new multi-functional Motyer-Fancy Theatre typically hosts up to ten shows each year, performed and crewed by students, with direction and design by a mixture of theatre professionals and senior students.

Find a list of drama studies courses in the academic calendar – drama studies.

*The Mount Allison drama program is designed to provide an education in drama rather than professional training for the theatre.

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