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English literature explores texts ranging from fiction to film in order to gain insight into our world and our place in it. English helps you develop skills in interpretation, research, analysis, critical thinking, and persuasive writing.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options:  

While the curriculum focuses on literary study, students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the English language, which will prove invaluable not only in your studies, but in any future career or profession.

First-year English courses offer you an introduction to different approaches to reading and writing about literature, using texts from a range of genres and time periods.

In second year you may choose from courses focusing on:

  • Introduction to literary periods
  • Shakespeare
  • Canadian literature
  • American literature

Third-year courses expand on your second-year choices, including studies in:

  • British literature in different periods
  • Canadian and American literature
  • Gender and literature
  • Postcolonial literature
  • Dramatic literature
  • Creative writing
  • Film, genre, and cultural studies

In fourth year you will be able to pursue “selected topics” courses, which allow you to pursue special interests, either through the particular courses offered that year or through individual study and research under the supervision of a faculty member.

If you choose to do an honours English degree, you will have the opportunity to write a thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

You will also have opportunities to present and publish creative and critical work.

Find a list of English courses in the academic calendar – English.

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