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Environmental science is an ideal discipline if you have both a strong interest in science and a concern for the environment. This interdisciplinary program is science intensive and provides you with the foundation necessary to understand environmental issues from many different perspectives.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
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The environmental science program at Mount Allison provide the strong but diverse scientific foundation required to understand environmental issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Issues studied include:

  • the mechanics of weather and climate
  • the biological consequences of climate change
  • the impacts of environmental degradation
  • the effects of climate on the distribution of animals and plants
  • the impact of environmental change on freshwater systems

In upper years, you will compliment your major with an in-depth concentration of courses to provide you with a scientific specialty when you graduate. Concentrations include:

  • Aquatic environments
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental modelling
  • Environmental monitoring

You also have the opportunity to investigate issues you are passionate about through independent research (honours).

Find a list of specific environmental science courses in the academic calendar – geography and environment.

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