Geography students have many opportunities for hands-on learning in the field.
The study of geography develops an understanding of the principles of ecological and physical systems; of the cultural, social, economic, and political forces acting on those systems; and of the management, planning or scientific tools necessary to meet environmental challenges and opportunities.
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Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
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The Mount Allison geography program explores courses in both human and physical geography, and is designed for students interested in the study of social sciences at various spatial and temporal scales.

Geography will often take you outside the classroom to learn through lab work, field study, and library and archival searching. Field trips to locations across the Maritime region and throughout North America have become an increasingly important part of this program.

You are also encouraged to become actively involved in research, either through independent summer research projects or as a research assistant to a faculty member.

Find a list of specific geography courses in the academic calendar – geography and environment.

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