Students in the interdisciplinary international relations program have opportunities to study abroad.

International relations is the study of the relationships between countries and between governmental and non-governmental organizations. It examines the impacts of economic, social, technological, environmental, military, and political processes, as well as issues of justice, responsibility, and human well-being.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Degree options:  

The international relations program at Mount Allison is centred around courses in economics, language, and political science.

In first and second year you will take introductory courses in economics, political science, and international relations.

In third and fourth year you will begin to specialize. International relations is inter and multidisciplinary and in addition to your core courses, you will have the opportunity to choose two streams of study from the following disciplines:

  • political science (politics in Europe, the U.S., Africa, the Middle East; security studies; foreign policy analysis)
  • history (war and society in Europe, Japan and modern Asia, environmental history)
  • sociology (social movements, refugee studies, globalization)
  • economics (game theory, environmental economics, international development)
  • geography and environmental studies (Canadian environmental policy, international environmental affairs, sustainable development)
  • English (African literature, Caribbean literature, literary representations of race and culture)
  • religious studies (gender issues in eastern and western religions, contemporary ethical issues)

International relations also has a university-level language requirement. Mount Allison offers courses in French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

You are encouraged to gain international experience by studying or working abroad or by doing international work in Canada, and to carry out independent research.

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