Modern languages class

Modern languages, literatures, and cultures is an interdisciplinary degree that provides you with expertise in two languages and knowledge of a third.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options: BA honours or major

Modern languages, literatures, and cultures at Mount Allison exposes you to the practical study of language, as well as to the literature and culture of the relevant communities.

You will develop a high level of competence in two languages, plus knowledge of a third.

Mount Allison offers the opportunity to study four of the world’s most influential languages: French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. No prior language knowledge is required for German, Spanish, or Japanese, but some knowledge of French is necessary. There is a required placement test to register for French classes.

In first year you will take introductory courses (or intermediate in the case of French) in your chosen languages, plus courses exploring francophone and/or Hispanic culture.

In second year you will take more advanced language classes and have options to study French, German, and Spanish literature, film, and culture.

In third year you have the opportunity to further refine your language skills plus take more specialized literature courses in French, German, and Spanish. You will also learn the fundamentals of linguistics.

Fourth year offers the chance to pursue independent studies in French, German, and Spanish.

You are encouraged to take advantage of extracurricular opportunities to enhance your studies, and to participate in international study abroad and exchange programs to gain further exposure to both the language and culture you are studying.

Find a list of courses in modern languages, literatures, and culture in the academic calendar — modern languages and literatures.

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