Program - Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, brain, and behaviour. The goals are to describe, explain, and predict behaviour, allowing for a scientific means of optimizing human development, abilities, and quality of life.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree options: BSc honours or major; BA honours or major; Any degree, minor

Other degree option in the field of psychology at Mount Allison: BSc honours or major in cognitive science

At its core, psychology is the quest to understand why people do what they do. The objectives of psychological study are to understand human nature, for its own sake, and to provide an increasingly reliable basis for the application of psychological principles to education, social policy, and medical treatment.

At Mount Allison, psychology can be pursued either as a science or an arts discipline, depending on your interests.

As the scientific study of mind and behaviour, psychology studies is a:

  • social science – how people influence the behaviour of others, why we do what we do, personality and self-concept
  • biological science – physiological mechanisms, neuroanatomy, evolutionary origins of mental and behavioural phenomena
  • cognitive science – sensation and perception, abstract thinking, reasoning, language, memory

The psychology program at Mount Allison offers students a diversity of courses, while maintaining a strong core curriculum. Courses are offered in areas of psychology like:

  • developmental
  • biological
  • neurological
  • cognitive
  • social
  • personality
  • abnormal
  • learning
  • health

Psychology students develop their knowledge by using scientific methods to analyze behaviour, employing careful observation and experimentation to develop and test theories. The results are theories, backed up by facts, that further your comprehension of the human mind.

You may also have the chance to participate in directed studies projects, independent summer research projects, honours theses, and volunteer work.

Find a list of psychology courses in the academic calendar – psychology.

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